Here are a list of testimonies from people who have been touched at CSA (UK) events, conferences and meetings. Please contact us if you have received a significant touch from the Lord. We’d love to hear what God did for you.

I’ve never been in any school of Extreme Prophetic before. It was very helpful for me. I was able to hear a different explanation about Prophetic Ministry. I am very thankful to all of you who organised it – local church and teachers – Susan and others. When I can to Winsford and heard about the event I wanted to be a part of that school. While I was listening to teaching I though about having that kind of teaching in our church in Orahovica, Croatia. During my conversation with Susan she gave me CD audio box set as a present. I was surprised, but it was a confirmation for me that God wants that in our church too. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! – Lidiji (Croatia)
Sue came to our Anglican Women’s Fellowship highly recommended and we were not disappointed! Her gentle, wise and sensitive manner enabled everyone to believe that they too could learn to hear God’s voice for themselves. Her practical approach to the prophetic made everyone feel at ease and enabled each one of us to be released to minister to each other. Every person left the evening encouraged – closer to god and to each other. – Michele
Sue, along with Claire, has ministered to me and some friends on several occasions and we have been greatly blessed. I have found Sue to be trustworthy with what God has entrusted to her and have gained fresh insight into the heavenly realm and God’s glory as a result. This has encouraged me a great deal and I’m blessed to know there is something more. It’s given me fresh hope and something to get my teeth (or spirit) into. – Pat
The Extreme Prophetic Day was so exciting I have never done anything like this before. Sue had a very relaxed way of presenting it which has encouraged me to go for it! I think everyone was blessed and refreshed to go. Out on the Street it was easy to hear the Holy Spirit and we had some divine encounters and many good reports. We felt like the 70 who came back!! – Anonymous
The content of the teaching was excellent, funny, informative and inspiring. Sue really helped me to be natural in a supernatural way and God impacted many hearts even with just a smile. I really enjoyed myself and I’m sure others did too. I am so looking forward to doing it again and I’m sure many cities and towns will be changed. People came from a 100 mile radius from 5 different counties. This day helped me realise it’s a lifestyle and not a striving to achieve something out of the ordinary, but being myself in the extraordinary. – Claire
Thank you for teaching us, we have learned that our life style needs to be so closely knit with Jesus, to have a great compassion for the lost, to be led by the Holy Spirit, we need to have ears that always listen, our motives to be pure, to believe that the Holy Spirit speaks through us and we receive by faith. The story from John 4 taught us not to condemn, not to judge but to be like Jesus and give love and compassion, to do this we need to receive words as Jesus did from His Father. You taught us to be real and that the anointing for power comes through holiness which comes by repentance and love. If we make mistakes we know to get up again as our God is merciful. We are praying for God thoughts, a spirit of wisdom and revelation. and you taught us so much more. – John and Rachel
Over the two days at the ‘eXtreme Prophetic School’ we primarily focused on Jesus. Rev. 19:10 “…the testimony or witness of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.” Sue instructed us in a relaxed manner yet with authority; encouraging us to ‘stir up our prophetic gifting’. The basic principles taught were that we ALL can hear God through prepared hearts and in different ways. We ALL can prophesy…be it just one word of blessing or a dynamic revelation – and were given opportunity to express this gift in the safety of a loving environment, many receiving personal ‘prophetic words’. We learned the value of working together in a spirit of humility yet never losing our distinctiveness. At the end of the course the ‘prophetic school’ went by twos and threes into the streets taking the heart of Jesus to the hungry. – Adrian & Dorey
We asked Sue to run a day workshop based on the Glory School. Sue was an excellent teacher and managed to cover a lot of ground in the first sessions in the morning. In the afternoon Sue was able to do some practical work and she spoke about awareness of angels. I believe there was a release in the heavenlies from this and the following morning I experienced a prophetic vision in which I “saw” a large angel plant its feet in the fields around our village and call other angels to do more work! There were others who had similar experiences as well as an increased clarity in prophecy. – Heather
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