June 7 2017 – Sue Davies spoke from Genesis 29. Go to the place God has called.   God harnesses energy and releases you at the right time to fulfil destiny. Jacob on a journey. Jacob broke the tradition of flocks waiting at wrong time of day and moved the stone to the well. With the things of God, we cannot wait for others. There were many key encounter at wells as in the Bible. God is doing unexpected things. Stone rolled away saw everything change as with Jesus. Are there any stones that need to be rolled away that are stopping flow of new God things? When we do what God asks we always win, just as David leaned into God vs Goliath. Find your well in God, remove stones and find life. Divine encounters bring significant things. We enjoyed communion as well.

 To hear Sue’s talk – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/sue-davies-7-june-2017/

June 14 2017 – Mark Hatch spoke on Godliness. It’s a compliment if people say we are Godly. The Bible tells us that Godliness is great gain. Adam and Eve were not content and this led to the fall. Same with Judas and people today with greed and corruption. Being a Godly person means we store up treasures now and in eternity. This is something to pursue and go after. Jesus modelled and acted with Godliness. When we have a Godly walk we are more powerful and useful to God. Our desire should be to live a Godly lifestyle. How far do we want to go in our Godliness. God will train us. We also have to say no to ungodliness. Our reward is that we know we are pleasing God and want to see God move in power and see other lives touched by God.
June 21 2017 – Dr Gerald Gotzen spoke about the events in Britain recently… what is God saying to the nation, to us, to the church. Book of Amos 5.25 let justice run down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. Our nation is crying out for justice. We have the key, the living Word of God. The problem in the world is man’s heart. God has given us the Spirit to lead us into truth. Greatest act of justice was Jesus on the cross. God has been graceful and merciful to the UK.. Bible translated, Magna Carta, Wesley revival, first to send missionaries and more. Amos 8 we need to come into agreement as church in the Holy Spirit and pray. We need divine forgiveness, personally, in the church and in the nation.. one of the unique things in Christianity. And we need to practice justice and righteousness. At the end we stood in God’s presence asking to be transformed.
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