April 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to the April newsletter, springing forth with God’s truth and life…


May 16-17 – “No Ordinary Two Days in Torquay” with Ruth Fazal and Gil Pentzak. (See Advert)

No Ordinary Two Days In Torquay

August 11-13 – Men and Women on the Frontlines UK (See Advert)

NEWS** We are very pleased to announce BOBBY CONNOR has just agreed be one of the speakers at this event.

Speakers: Robert Hotckin,  Bobby Connor , Barbara Yoder, Mary-Audrey Raycroft, Lisa Miara, Ruth Fazal, Jen Baker. Worship Leaders Kelley Warren-Augi & Robert Augi.

Men & Women On The Frontlines

CSA Weds Nights

5 April –  Chris and Abigail Spark joined us for the very last time with Chris both playing and then speaking. During the evening we prophesied over them and blessed with. It’s been a great honour and privilege to journey with Chris and Abigail and our prayers go with them as they walk in God’s future plans, in the UK, Canada and beyond! Chris spoke on 1 Kings 18.21 and challenged us with Elijah’s challenge – how long will you falter between two opinions. The people didn’t answer Elijah but we say yes to God. Chris encouraged us not to give in to sin for short-term gain and never to go for second best.
Chris’s talk – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/chris-spark-15-march-2017/

12 March – Doreen  Sweetman spoke – need to desire God’s passion and compassion, which is always for others too. Do we want God’s attributes to be our attributes? Our call is to join God in bringing light in dark world. Hosea 11 – shows God’s heart of compassion. Doreen reminded us of the prophecy from Women On The Frontlines in 2016 – God bringing extreme regeneration in people being born again. She testified to examples of this happening. Are we prepared to become fit for purpose for God so he can pour in fresh oil? Doreen then anointed people with oil.

Doreen’s talk – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/doreen-sweetman-12-april-2017/

19 March – Sarah Loney spoke on how God has been speaking to her and using her. She has a calling to travel, go to the places that God sends her and allow God to use her in those places to worship, pray and do her part in seeing God’s Kingdom come. One time at Paris Charles de Gaulle station recently, she played a worship song on the grand piano – with local guys saying it had brought peace. God has called her to go to other places as a bringer of God’s presence and peace.

Sarah’s talk – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/sarah-l-19-april-2017/

26 March – Jen Baker spoke on having supernatural faith and peace. She challenged all to raise their faith and increase our expectation. Want to see your miracle? Even now? For someone, this time next year, you’ll see what you’ve prayed for. Is anything too hard for God? NO! She shared her passion to see more healings and God changing things. We need to carry hope and faith. God wants to do creative and restorative miracles for all. We looked at Mark 11.24. John 14.27. Time on the night of casting off burdens and receiving favour, blessings. God is not trying to keep things from you but to get them to you.

Isaiah 26.3 – God gives perfect peace to those who focus on him. Jen then prayed for everyone.

Jen’s talk – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/jen-baker-26-april-2017/

Remember that each Weds (between 7.45pm-8.00pm) there is a live web stream of the talks from CSA which can be found at- http://mixlr.com/csauk/ and the archive of all the talks from CSA can be found at – http://mixlr.com/csauk/showreel/

You can also order a CD of any of the Wednesday night talks for £2.50 (£3.50 posted).

Please continue to keep Sue and Claire covered in prayer as they faithfully love, serve and lead. Thank you.